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Step 1 – to enter the contest you must complete at least one of the following actions. For each correctly completed action, you get 1 extra chance to win this contest. In total you can accumulate a total of 17 chances, so complete as many of the following actions as possible:

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Step 3 – to enter the contest you must accept the terms and conditions:

     3.1. The organizer of the contest is CONTEST.DISCOUNT SRL through the platform.

     3.2. The contest runs from Christmas to Christmas every year.

     3.3. The name of the contest is “Win 1001 USD”.

     3.4. The campaign shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of this regulation, the observance of which shall be mandatory for all participants.

     3.5. By entering this contest, participants declare and acknowledge that they have read the provisions of the regulation, and that they accept the terms and conditions of this regulation and understand that for this purpose their personal data will be processed in accordance with the regulation. Participants undertake to comply with and comply with all terms, conditions and provisions of this regulation. The rules are available to any applicant, free of charge, for the duration of the competition.

     3.6. To designate the winner, as soon as possible after the end of the contest, will be performed an automatic draw using a random draw program, without human intervention, where all participants are included. The winner will be notified by the organiser directly on the platform corresponding to the draw. The prize will be paid by the organiser or its partners depending on the winner’s country of residence.

     3.7. A participant in the competition, designated as a winner following the draw, who cannot be contacted or who does not meet the conditions set out in the rules automatically loses the status of winner and cannot be awarded the prize. Prizes which cannot be awarded under these rules will remain at the disposal of the organiser, who may dispose of them as he sees fit.

     3.8. CONTEST.DISCOUNT SRL employees and their family members, persons under the age of 18 on the date of entry into the competition, may not enter the competition.

     3.9. The organizer may at any time check the extent to which a person complies with this regulation. If it finds or is informed of violations or non-compliance with the rules or non-compliance with the conditions of participation in the contest, the organizer may proceed to suspend / cancel the rights or prizes as appropriate, disqualifying the participants involved. The organizer does not owe any compensation of any kind or payment to the disqualified participant.

     3.10. Participants agree to all subsequent promotional activities and accept that the organizer may use the re-targeting pixels to send electronic messages to promote the brand image, products or services it or its partners market.

     3.11. This contest is organized exclusively by CONTEST.DISCOUNT SRL, the social media platforms having no responsibility or involvement, not being sponsored, supported or administered by them in any form.

     3.12. In accordance with regulation (EU) no. 679 of 27 April 2016 the protection of individuals with regard to GDPR, the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, CONTEST.DISCOUNT SRL, as an operator, processes your personal data in good faith and in pursuit of the purposes specified in the political presence. By entering the contest, you agree that CONTEST.DISCOUNT SRL will process your data for the purpose of this contest.

     3.13. Where one provision of this regulation is declared invalid, the other provisions shall remain valid in so far as they may have legal effect even in the absence of conditions declared invalid. As far as possible, the annulled conditions shall be replaced by another reasonable regulation, legally valid, corresponding to the purpose of the invalid provisions.

     3.14. In case of disputes between the organizer and the contest participants, they will be settled amicably. If it is not possible to settle the dispute amicably, the parties to the dispute will refer the dispute to the competent courts.

     3.15. We use as a third party to randomly select the winner. By clicking to enter the contest, you acknowledge that the information you have provided will be transferred for processing in accordance with their terms and conditions of service.